IMHO, if opensolaris can be supported guest OS in vmware
then vmware  has something to do with opensolaris.
some obvious advantage
1)U can create opensolaris  image very easily and distribute it one the 
web for user to try it out, U can also build appliance with some 
application into the image
2)It can be a playgroud to attract more developer, most developer use 
vmware, or like environmnet to install multiple OS to do test of the 
3)product demonstration will be easier,  follow SE can have demo 
environment to show case most if not all solaris/JES 
Untill (open)Solaris/xen  can support such environment,  today vmware is 
the leader, SE need to understand the technology to talk about virt anyway
my 2c

Darren J Moffat wrote:

>Russ Petruzzelli wrote:
>>[EMAIL PROTECTED] often discusses virtualization in a general 
>>sense.  I often see people bring up questions regarding comparing 
>>different virtualization implementations.  
>>Has it been considered to use this?   (Granted the alias name appears to 
>>limit the focus to vmware...)
>This is OpenSolaris.  Non Sun employees can't join private 
>aliases such as the one you describe, the archives for the alias aren't 
>public and by being an alias it is assumed that customer 
>confidential information can be shared on it.
>Also VMware is closed source and nothing to do with OpenSolaris (other 
>than the company seems to keep poaching engineers!) unlike LDOMS, Xen 
>and Zones which are part of OpenSolaris now or are being developed in 
>that community for integration into one of the "consolidation" projects 
>also hosted on OpenSolari.

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