Lu, Baolu writes:
> > Q: Can a non-global zone NFS-mount a file system that has been shared
> > from its own global zone? A: No. This may be addressed in the future.
> > However, the filesystem can be LOFS-mounted into the local zone, and,
> The LOSF-mounted filesystem is read only in the local zone, this means
> it 
> is only a one direct sharing. How, if the local zone want to share some
> files
> to the other zones?

Non-global zones can't do this on their own via local methods.

However, the global zone administrator can set up arbitrary sharing
between selected sets of non-global zones.  Just create a directory
and export it into the desired non-global zones via lofs.

The alternative is to choose some other means for sharing files --
such as (for example) a web, ftp, ssh, or rsync server running in the
non-global zone.

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