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> By default, Solaris sets MTU as 1500 and which can be changed through 
> ifconfig. In case of local zones, IP address is added on top of the physical 
> interface. I can change the mtu size manually after the local zone gets 
> booted. How to set the fixed-MTU changes permanently for the local zones??? I 
> do not see any options in zonecfg or dladm. 

There is no way to do this with zonecfg or zoneadm. For shared IP 
Instance zones, this would be determined by the ifconfig addif 
when a zone is booted, and there is no way to pass such info
to ifconfig [at this time]. Maybe you can script a change via 
ifconfig after the zone boots.

If the zone has an exclusive IP Instance, the configuration 
control now lies within the zone, and you could make the 
necessary changes to the zone's /etc/hostname.xyzN file. Keep in 
mind you need a separate link
for each zone that has an exclusive IP Instance, and it only 
works on devices that are GLDv3 [1].



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