Coy Hile wrote:
> When Sol10u4 comes out, I intend to move my non-global zones to exclusive IP 
> instances so that I can route traffic through my NAT from the outside more 
> easily (don't ask!).  I do have a question, however.  Say I have a machine 
> with one physical link, e1000g0, which has non-global zones on three vlans: 
> vlan1, vlan32, and vlan64. (for what it's worth, the global zone is on 
> vlan32), so I've got three interfaces now (pre ip-instances): e1000g3200, 
> e1000g64000, and e1000g1000.  Without IP instances, I have the interfaces in 
> the zones as e1000g32000:1 e1000g32000:2, etc.
> In that case, what is the appropriate configuration for zonecfg when setting 
> up the network interface where I have multiple zones, all of whose interfaces 
> I need to have tagged, and multiple zones are on the same vlan?  Can I do the 
> following?
> zonecfg -z myzone
> myzone> set ip-type=exclusive
> myzone> add net
> myzone> set phsyical=e1000g32000
> myzone> end
> zonecfg -z myzone2
> myzone2> set ip-type=exclusive
> myzone2> add net
> myzone2> set physical=e1000g32000
> myzone2> end

Each exclusive-IP zone would have to have a different physical, since 
exclusive access to that datalink name can only be given to a single 
zone. Further down the road you can accomplish that with vnics (part of 
the crossbow bits you can already download).

For the time being the above type of configuration would require 
multiple physical interfaces, so that one zone can use 
physical=e1000g32000 and the other e1000g32001.

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