is there a way to add a zfs dataset to a zone online? 
The only info I found is to configure the dataset in the zone via zonecfg then 
reboot the zone.

I would like to be able to add new separated dataset for each new db's I add in 
the zone and of course if I need to reboot the zone every time I have to 
add/remove a db, my users will not be very happy... The only option I found for 
the moment is to create 1 dataset for all the db's but I have problems with 
that :
* every db's are writing on the same LUN's (or at least, I don't where are 
writing the db's)
* adding a LUN is not a problem but removing it is not (yet) possible
* we would be able to move a db from 1 zone to another one : both zones need to 
be rebooted.

other solution is to have 1 zone per db but having a zone for a small db (let 
say less than 5 GB) is not really the best way to do (lots of diskspace lost 
for the binaries of the zone itself & the db's).

thanks in advance!
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