Redmar van Leeuwaarden writes:
> A quick and dirty fix; linking 
> /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/deploytool/itp/configuration/ (global) -> 
> /opt/WebSphere/itp (local); proved that this is indeed is the problem when 
> deploying EJBs.

One obvious thing to do would be to contact the WebSphere folks and
ask them why they're writing back in the installation directory,
rather than creating something like /var/WebSphere/AppServer to hold
variable data.

> Does any one have a more acceptable solution for this problem, or does any 
> one now a way to configure the temporary workspace for the itp tool (not the 
> osgi.instance.area.default variable, I really mean the temp files placed in 
> the itp/configuration directory). I must imagine that more users have faced 
> this issue.

Two things come to mind:

  - As you suggested, create a symlink in the global zone that points
    to local storage in each non-global zone.

  - Add read-write lofs mounts for each non-global zone that mount
    separate (per-zone) directories onto the .../itp/configuration
    directory, something like this:

  zonecfg:blue> add fs
  zonecfg:blue:fs> set dir=/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/deploytool/itp/configuration
  zonecfg:blue:fs> set special=/export/blue-itp-configuration
  zonecfg:blue:fs> set type=lofs
  zonecfg:blue:fs> end

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