> 1) Ensure that the wasprofile.properties file was edited to point to 
> /opt/WebSphere/Profiles directory as described in the paper before you 
> created the zones and profiles
The white paper states that you should change the following
Before: WS_CMT_LOG_HOME=${was.install.root}/logs/wasprofile
After: WS_CMT_LOG_HOME=/opt/WASProfiles/logs/wasprofile and
Before: WS_PROFILE_REGISTRY=${was.install.root}/properties/profileRegistry.xml
After: WS_PROFILE_REGISTRY=/opt/WASProfiles/properties/profileRegistry.xml

My WAS 6.1 was different any how so I changed it as follows:
Before: WS_CMT_LOG_HOME=${was.install.root}/logs/manageprofiles
After: WS_CMT_LOG_HOME=/opt/WebSphere61/Profiles/logs/manageprofiles
Before: WS_PROFILE_REGISTRY=${was.install.root}/properties/profileRegistry.xml

> 2) In your dmgr profile's bin directory, the setupCmdLine.sh has two 
> variables: "USER_INSTALL_ROOT" and "ITP_LOC".  If you've done the previous 
> step, USER_INSTALL_ROOT should point to your custom profile directory rather 
> than $WAS_HOME/profiles/....
setupCmdLine.sh now contains:

which is indeed incorrect as it should point to a directory inside the profile 
directory and not to the global WAS base.

Perhaps the configuration for wasprofile.properties is different in WAS6.1. I 
will manually set the ITP_LOC in setupCmdLine.sh to match a directory inside 
the profile dir and test again.

Thanks for pointing out this configuration param.
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