Okay, changing the setting in setupCmdLine.sh to
and copying the contents op /opt/WebSphere61/AppServer/deploytool/itp to this 
directory SOLVED the problem. (Ofcourse had to restart dmgr to update the 
environment variable).

The deployment tool is now able to write its temporary files succesfully:
[8/28/07 16:10:17:922 CEST] 0000005d DeployEJBTask I   ADMA0158I: [EJBDeploy] 
framework search path: /opt/WebSphere61/Profiles/dmgr/deploytool/itp/plugins

Any way I still wonder what settings needs to be altered in the 
wasprofile.properties files to get this setting initially correct. After all I 
did change the vars as stated in the white paper (on 

For this moment I am very happy with this setup!
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