Brian Kolaci wrote:
> Thanks Lou.
> Is there anything in the works that you know of?  rcapd also doesn't work
> properly due to this issue.  The customer has several other systems
> with zones that also do alot of shared memory that aren't oracle.  They
> were actually looking for this in SunMC or some other standard utility.
> Lou Springer wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the short answer is no. None of the "out of the box" 
>> Solaris utilities account for "double-dipping" shared memory. This is a 
>> long standing issue.
>> For Oracle process related answers, you can use the Oracle utilities to 
>> see it's memory consumption  and come up with a total calculation 
>> accounting for this. If anything else is using shared memory, you would 
>> also need to account for this.
>> Lou
>> Brian Kolaci wrote:
>>> Is there a way to get the actual memory & swap usage of zones?
>>> You can't sum the RSS values of the processes in zones since
>>> processes like oracle show shared memory segments separate for
>>> each LWP and proc as well as separate for shared text segments for
>>> things like  So if you summed the RSS values of the processes
>>> in the zones it may show 500 Gig rather than 50 Gig.

You might take a look at:

4754856 *prstat* prstat -atJTZ should count shared segments only once

This has been fixed in nevada since last December and will be fixed in
the upcoming S10u4 release as well.  This is also discussed in more
detail in this thread:

and in this arc cases:

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