WAS v6.1 profile creation is more flexible than v6.0. In addition to the two settings that we mentioned in the whitepaper (which was based on v6.0.2 then, WS_CMT_LOG_HOME and WS_PROFILE_REGISTRY), there's an additional setting you should change in v6.1: /WS_WSPROFILE_DEFAULT_PROFILE_HOME/.

I'm glad you're satisfied with your Solaris 10 Zone set up. Thank you for your feedback.

For other information about WebSphere on Solaris, please look at these URL's below. We have information like Performance tuning, Service Manifest, WebSphere licensing on Solaris,etc.


Redmar van Leeuwaarden wrote:
Okay, changing the setting in to
and copying the contents op /opt/WebSphere61/AppServer/deploytool/itp to this 
directory SOLVED the problem. (Ofcourse had to restart dmgr to update the 
environment variable).

The deployment tool is now able to write its temporary files succesfully:
[8/28/07 16:10:17:922 CEST] 0000005d DeployEJBTask I   ADMA0158I: [EJBDeploy] 
framework search path: /opt/WebSphere61/Profiles/dmgr/deploytool/itp/plugins

Any way I still wonder what settings needs to be altered in the files to get this setting initially correct. After all I 
did change the vars as stated in the white paper (on

For this moment I am very happy with this setup!
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