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On 9/5/07, Russ Petruzzelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Looking at the website, it doesn't say anywhere what version this is.
>  ie:  "Update 4" or some other version string.
>  If I'm a customer who already has update 2 or 3, how am I supposed to know
> that this download is now update 4?
>  We need to do a lot better on our website.

As far as I know, only technical folks refer to the release as update
X.  Marketing (including Sun's web site) will refer to it as Solaris N
M/YY (N = Solaris release, M = month of release, YY = year of
release).   The first I knew, what I refer to as s10u4 was supposed to
be released as Solaris 10 7/07.  Schedules slipped and it was renamed
Solaris 10 8/07.  Schedules slipped a slight bit more and it came out
in September 2007 (9/07) but marketing didn't feel it worthwhile to
rename it.  I'm pretty sure that Solaris 10 11/06 (update 3) was not
available until December, 2006.

Since I have no credible idea of when the next release of Solaris 10
will come out (or if it will come out...) I refer to it as update 5.
My personal best guess is that it will be somewhere between March and
May of next year.

The real question I have is when will Solaris 11 come out?  I've been
rather surprised at the number of features (aside from those marketed
at the Solaris 10 launch) have been backported to Solaris 10.  I was
particularly surprised when I heard in the last couple of weeks that
ZFS root looks like it will make it into Solaris 10.  (I'm not sure if
I ran across this on install-discuss, caiman-discuss, or one of the
installer conference calls.)


Mike Gerdts
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