Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
> well, assuming that you're talking about a pseudo device with
> a static path, then check out:
>       usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/platform.xml
> which get's installed as
>       /usr/lib/brand/native/platform.xml
> if your device doesn't have a static path then things will
> get more interesting.  ;)

Hi Ed,

I have /dev/nsmb, which is similar to /dev/tcp: just a
cloneable pseudo-device, and I just need to effectively
do a "mknod /export/home/<zone>/root/dev/nsmb c 270 0".
So I think this is exactly what I want :-)

Can I get this applied to an already-installed system
(i.e. the one that doesn't work now :-) by editing
/usr/lib/brand/native/platform.xml and taking action?
It's a small thing, but would save me a couple of steps.

Rob T
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