Assuming you are running Sun Cluster 3.2, the Sun Cluster Software Installation 
Guide for that release has procedures for using Live Upgrade:

If you want to just upgrade Solaris 9 to an update release of Solaris 9, you 
can skip the instructions for upgrading Sun Cluster software. But if you are 
upgrading to Solaris 10, you also need to upgrade to the Solaris 10 version of 
Sun Cluster 3.2.

But if want to upgrade a Sun Cluster 3.1 configuration, unfortunately the 3.1 
user documentation does not provide Live Upgrade procedures. The Sun Cluster 
Advanced Administration training course has been teaching for several years how 
to use Live Upgrade to upgrade software on a cluster except for Sun Cluster 
software itself. The training manuals are not available except to students 
taking the course, though. If you have a test system available, you might try 
following the 3.2 Live Upgrade procedures, skipping the instructions for 
upgrading Sun Cluster software. But Live Upgrade wasn't tested by Sun Cluster 
engineering with the 3.1 release, so don't try it on a production system unless 
you have thoroughly proven on an identical test system how you can safely do 
it. And don't try to use Live Upgrade to upgrade Sun Cluster 3.1 software; the 
3.1 release is missing code changes that were made to the 3.2 release to make 
Live Upgrade of Sun Cluster software succeed.

Lisa Shepherd
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