sunnie wrote:
> After reading some material about zoneadm clone, it seems to me that such a 
> fast zone creation requires the template zone to be on a zfs file system. 
> However, if not, anything else can help  speed up installing zone? 
> Especially, at present, my SUNOS only have a global zone.

It is faster with the zonepath on ZFS, but clones are relatively 
fast on UFS as well. At least sparse zones. On my laptop about 30 
seconds or so, last time I actually payed attention. Compared to 
five to ten minutes if not a clone. What I like about cloaning is 
that the SMF repository is copied. The initial boot of a cloned 
zone is the part I really appreciate being accelerated. Plus all 
the customizations also carried over, of course.

On ZFS, with Nevada, a snapshot and then clone is created, so it 
is very fast.


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