On 9/19/07, Dan Price <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> By default /opt will be *copied* from the global zone.  If you want
> it to be "sparse" instead (which means it will be a loopback, read-only
> filesystem) then add an inherit-pkg-dir entry for /opt.  This will
> usually significantly speed up installation, especially if you have
> a lot of stuff in /opt.

I initially thought this was a good idea, but life in the trenches
says otherwise.  I've found it extremely common that software needs to
be installed into /opt - sometimes via pkgadd and sometimes otherwise.

If software is installed via pkgadd, single-zone installation of
software is just broken with an inherited /opt.  If it is installed
via another mechanism, you can mount other file systems on
subdirectories of /opt - but means that you have to create the mount
point in the global zone.   This has the potential to complicate zone
migration and causes confusion for those that are already struggling
with zones and inherited directories.

Mike Gerdts
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