Christine Tran writes:
> I just need some clarification, this does not matter in any functional 
> way.
> I have had it explained to me that zone-to-zone communication on same 
> host does not actually use the loopback interface, it's a slip of 
> speech.  The system "loops traffic back" within the IP stack,

That's correct.

> and you 
> can't glean any traffic snooping on lo0.

You can't snoop lo0 in any event.  It's not a DLPI device.

Clearview will eventually fix that (non-Zones-related) shortcoming,
but snooping lo0 has never been an option, even for traffic.

> I just glanced at CR 6423486 (now closed), the description reads: "When 
> zones are implemented on a Solaris node they will communicate with each 
> other over the loopback interface if a valid external route exists."

The description is slightly inaccurate.  It should say "by means of an
internal path within IP itself, as is the case for traffic sent to any
other local IP address."

Nothing actually "goes over" the fictional loopback interface.

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