...to print the zone name as well as whatever other output.  That's because
ps ORs multiple selection options together, but pgrep ANDs them together,
which sure would be nice in the global zone; for example, it would be
handy to be able to do something like

pgrep -Z -x -z zone01,zone02 -u user01,user02 -l -x process_name

and get back
   123  zone01      process_name
 4567  zone02      process_name

and so on.

But more than that, I think there would be some use for either a new
ps option to tell it to combine selection options like pgrep does (ANDing
distinct options, while ORing multiple values in a list), or better,
an entirely new command; say a "pfind" command, with "find"-like syntax
(plus format specification of capability comparable to what ps has).
That would allow much more complicated selection and output in
a variety of situations.
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