a collegue of mine mentioned a problem in both Solaris 10 >= 11/06 and Solaris Express 09/07.

Setting a device match in zonecfg like this works fine:

zonecfg> add device
zonecfg:device> set match=/dev/*dsk/c6t0d0s*
zonecfg:device> end


zoneadm -z zone boot

wont create the necessary device files in ZONEPATH/dev.

In my understanding this part of zoneadmd which would call devfsadm -z <zone> which it still does. But in the end there is no device file created?

I tried to look at the source of devfsadm.c but couldnt find the -z switch, so I'm stuck here.

This is not really a problem to me as I could easily create the device files by simply copying them. I'd rather like to submit this as a bug.


Konstantin Gremliza

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