On Mon 01 Oct 2007 at 01:14PM, John Chase wrote:
> This has just been escalated as a P1 bug in 8/07.

Indeed.  And please accept our apologies that this bug slipped out.  This
was a case where a late performance fix wound up impacting correctness.
We're still assessing why our test suite (and our engineering) did not
catch this problem.

S10 8/07 is also supposed to have a fix for device removal from zones.  I
authored the original fix.  In the process of that fix being ported back
to Solaris 10, it was merged with BrandZ code, and at that point that fix
*also* became broken.  We're working on a fix for that, as well.

So, stay tuned.  We've been sorting this out for about a week now, and are
at work on getting a patch out as fast as possible.  For contract
customers, filing an escalation on bug 6608977 should get you access to
binary relief (in the form of an IDR) as soon as it is available.

As you may know, there is a huge amount of new zones functionality in S10
8/07, so this regression is particularly humbling.  Again, please accept
our apologies.

Someone earlier stated that this was also broken in SXDE-- as far as
I know that is *not* the case.  One of the reasons this has been a
troublesome area is that in Nevada the /dev zones implementation is
radically different from S10, due to the existence of the "devnames"
project in Nevada.  Hence the S10 and Nevada code is pretty in this


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