James Carlson wrote:
> michael writes:
>>I'd like to have a network common to all and only the zones on this host, 
>>while preserving the separate IP stack of the exclusive zone.  However the 
>>exclusive zone cannot use a virtual interface on the shared phys interface.
> There's currently no way to do that.  Crossbow VNICs will eventually
> make that possible, but for now, an exclusive IP instance is exactly
> that: it's exclusive and cannot talk to other zones except through
> normal (external) networking interfaces.

To elaborate a little, if you have vnic11 and vnic12 created on top of nic1, 
and vnic21 
and vnic22 on top of nic2, network traffic between vnic11 and vnic12 will stay 
within the 
system, traffic between vnic21 and vnic22 will stay within the system, and all 
traffic will be going out one nic and in the other (vnic1x <-> vnic2y).

You will have to carefully consider which VNICs are given to which zones. My 
convention is 
becoming to look like the above, where the first number is the NIC, and the 
second number 
is the VNIC on that NIC. If I have four NICs, my VNICs will be 1x, 2y, 3z, and 
4t, where 
1<=x<=9, 0<=y|z|t<=9.

Per the Crossbow Network Virtualization Architecture document, 
http://opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/Docs/crossbow-virt.pdf, the id 
number for VNICs 
can range from 1 to 899, so there should be plenty.


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