I have found in the past that it is frustrating to find resources  
rctl that is not in sync between projects and zones definitions and  
as a costumer I would like to see them in sync.

It would also enable me to isolate applications in zones that tend to  
blow up the zone where I have other part of the workload running  
(other projects).

I would like you to consider something more appropriate then a  
unlimited value of processes in global zone. We did an experiment  
where we created about 400-500 zones and we to hit some limits in the  
default kernel when we reached 80000 lwps. This will also affect the  
process limits.  I expect there is a kernel structure that needs to  
be tuned, but I have not had the need to build a 500 zones system  
yet :-) But since you put a lower limit you might investigate how o  
put in a upper limit (based on kernel structures)

On 03/10/2007, at 22.37, Menno Lageman wrote:

> Steve Lawrence wrote:
>> Have you considered also implementing project.max-processes?  This  
>> would
>> give a zone admin some control over workloads within the zone.  I  
>> would
>> follow suit and make project 0 in the global zone exempt from its
>> project.max-processes rctl.
> I hadn't considered project.max-processes yet, mainly because what  
> I see
> in the field is that most people seem to consider project rctls to be
> too much detail. Configuring limits at the zone level seems to be the
> preferred option. But it can't hurt to see what it would take to also
> have project.max-processes.
> Menno
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