well, aside from the bug that enda mentioned which affects s10u4 (aka
s10 8/07):
        6608977 Can't add device to non-global zone in S10 update 4

you should be aware that the /dev/tty[pqr]? devices (which are slave terminal
devices and hence need to be used in conjunction with the /dev/pty[pqr]?
master devices, and shouldn't be used at all since you really should use
the modern /dev/ptmx and /dev/pts/* terminal devices) are not zone aware.

this could pose a security issue if you use them with zones.  ie.
if a user in a zone accesses /dev/ttyp0, this same device will be
simultaneously accessible (with potentially different filesystem
permissions) from the global zone and/or any other zone which has
the device added to it.  (where as /dev/pts/* devices are
only accessible from one zone at a time.)


On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 12:48:42PM +1000, Bangalore, Suresh wrote:
> Hi Gurus
> We have a non-global zone which is currently configured, installed and
> running.
> Now Customer wants to add /dev/ttyp* to the non-global zone.
> Tried adding to the zonecfg using adding
> device
>         match: /dev/ttyp*
> and then rebooted the zone. This doesn't work.
> Is there any way to configure this without uninstalling and reinstalling
> the zone again.
> Thanks
> Suresh
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