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From: Ihsan Zaghmouth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2007 3:39 pm
Subject: [zones-discuss] RSC cards and zlogin -C to a zone clash of interest
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> Here's one issue that was raised by a Sun customer ... Looks like we 
> have a clash of ineterst on "~."
> They have v490s with RSC cards (Remote System Control) and Zones.
> When they do console -C "zone" , then do a ~.  to disconnect from that 
> zones console, it takes them to the RSC> prompt.
> If they "console" from there, they go back to the zone console. 
> They can't escape back to the global zone.
> Anyone seen this before... Any thoughts ?

Yes, this is normal behavior. Both RSC and zlogin use the tilde as escape 
character; you need to escape the escape character so RSC will pass it on to 
zlogin (i.e. use ~~. instead of ~.). The same would happen if you were ssh-ed 
into the system and wanted to exit a zlogin console session. 

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