For over a year I created numerous zones on different machines and I did
not change the way how to do it. But since a few weeks I am not able to
create one any more. This happens on different Solaris-versions and both
on x86 and Sparc.

After a zone is configured with zonecfg and installed, I put a
sysidcfg-file into the etc-direcory of the zone.

| system_locale=en_GB.UTF-8
| terminal=dtterm
| network_interface=primary {
|         hostname=xxxxxx
|         default_route=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
|         ip_address=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
|         netmask=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
|         protocol_ipv6=no
| }
| name_service=DNS {
|         domain_name=domain1
|         name_server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
|         search=domain1,domain2
| }
| timezone=Europe/Berlin
| security_policy=NONE
| root_password=XXXXXXXX

Also I run

| touch /zonedir/root/etc/.NFS4inst_state.domain

After logging in with

| zlogin -e % -C zonename

and booting the zone

| zoneadm -z zonename boot

it puts me directly to the login prompt. But the hostname is not set and
many services are uninitialized. When I enable svc:/system/identity:domain,
initialization starts but many services remain disabled: autofs, ssh,
nfs, syslog, cron, ...

Does anyone know what causes this problem and how I can fix it?


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