until now we have patched our solaris 10 systems (with many zones on all of 
them) with scripts, which run patchadd for every patch and 118833-36 was the 
last patch in the patchcluster, because of its "you must reboot now code" 
anybody knows.

after reading about pdo magic in this forum i have tried this with the 
patchcluster and KU 118833-36.

with "patchadd -M `pwd`" pdo magic all patches were installed first in the 
global zone and after that in all non-global zones. when 118833-36 is installed 
in the global zone, patchadd failed to install the patches in the non-global 

you get a completely patched global zone but all non-global zones are not 
patched. i have tried to install the patchcluster in the non-global zones to 
get all in sync but many patches are global-zones-only patches and so there is 
no documented way to install the patches with "patchadd" in the non-global 

after the test i have removed the patchcluster and remain with the old 
"patchadd for every patch", which is slower but safer with the beast 118833-36. 
what about 120012-14, it is also a beast ? :)

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