After I had created a new zone for the first time under kernel 120011-14 (on 
sparc 6/06), I found that sysidtool would not run automatically at the first 
boot;  and so I was not being allowed to finish setting up the zone with the 
time zone, DNS, hostname, etc. The zone boot process simply dropped me to the 
root login prompt.

After logging in to the new zone, I discovered that the following required 
service had been disabled by default:

# svcs -x
svc:/system/identity:domain (system identity (domainname))
 State: disabled since Mon Oct 15 12:03:24 2007
Reason: Disabled by an administrator.
   See: domainname(1M)
   See: defaultdomain(4)
Impact: 3 dependent services are not running.  (Use -v for list.

When I enabled that service, and rebooted the zone, sysidtool ran as normal, 
and I was able to finish setting up the new zone.  Any idea why that service 
was disabled by default in the zone?  It was not disabled in the global zone, 
and I had not seen this behavior before kernel patch 120011-14.
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