Hi experts,

I have a question about Sun Trunking 1.3. 

When Solaris Container is used, I want to make the network redundancy by 
using Sun Trunking 1.3. 

However, information to which Sun Trunking supported Solaris 
Container was not found though the document of Solaris Container(Zone) 
and Sun Trunking was investigated. 

I want to use Sun Trunking 1.3 in local zone.

Is it possible by the use of the following function ?

 - Solaris Container Manager 1.1 Software Collection 
  >> System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and 
Solaris Zones
    >> Zones
      >> 17.  Non-Global Zone Configuration (Overview)

      - Solaris 10 8/07: Exclusive-IP Non-Global Zones

Best regards,
Koji Kitamura
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