We just moved a production Perl CGI website from the global zone on a 4 core/16 
cpu T2000 (with no other apps) into a 4 cpu sparse-root container on that same 
T2000.  The CPU load during user hours on the T2000 had reliably been running 
between 1.0 and 1.5 since roughly late May;  but now the container is 
saturating all four cpu's it has and is clamoring for more (loads of 4.00+).

Two other changes we did were moving the website filesystems to ZFS, and 
upgrading to kernel 120011-14.  The website is running IPlanet 6, SP5, and is 
using the inherited Perl 5.6.1 from the global zone.

The website/CGI apps themselves did not change, but the short-lived CGI scripts 
are responsible for taking up the extra CPU time (as reported by dtrace):

# shortlived.d
Tracing... Hit Ctrl-C to stop.
short lived processes:     48.254 secs
total sample duration:     34.453 secs

Any idea why the CPU load of the CGI scripts would shift so drastically?  

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