On Wed 24 Oct 2007 at 12:07AM, Damien Carbery wrote:
> > are you piping /dev/null to STDIn in the commands, I
> > can see you did 
> > that on the commands line, but not clear if you did
> > it in the script or not.
> For every command in the script?
> The script is:
> http://cvs.opensolaris.org/source/xref/jds/spec-files/trunk/cron-script.sh
> I would like to get my single command experiment working first, 
> proof-of-concept if you will.
> Where does the redirection go? Inside the quoted command or for zlogin?
> zlogin -l gbuild big-zone "the_command </dev/null"
> zlogin -l gbuild big-zone "the_command" </dev/null

The second one.

See also the rsh(1) manpage which explains this problem:

     -n             Redirect the input of rsh to  /dev/null.  You
                    sometimes  need  this  option to avoid unfor-
                    tunate interactions between rsh and the shell
                    which  invokes  it.   For example, if you are
                    running rsh and invoke a  rsh  in  the  back-
                    ground  without  redirecting  its  input away
                    from the terminal, it blocks even if no reads
                    are  posted  by  the  remote command.  The -n
                    option prevents this.

Sadly we don't have a 'zlogin -n' because I haven't had time to do
one.  Let us know if this helps.


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