>No, I wouldn't expect that to work.  That'll export just the /mnt
>directory itself (read-write to the non-global zone!).  Any sub-mounts
>that appear there will not be mirrored into the zone, because lofs
>doesn't cross mount points.

Are you sure?  "lofs" generally missors the entire tree below the
mountpoint and not just the toplevel mount.

# df -F zfs
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
export                 199G    23K   126G     1%    /export
export/crash           199G   3.9G   126G     3%    /export/crash

# mount -F lofs /export /mnt
# ls -l /mnt/crash/
total 2881499
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root      568032 Jun 15 10:08 unix.0.gz

And the manual makes that quite clear:

     The loopback file system device  allows  new,  virtual  file
     systems  to  be  created,  which  provide access to existing
     files using alternate pathnames. Once the virtual file  sys-
     tem is created, other file systems can be mounted within it,
     without affecting the original file  system.  However,  file
     systems  which  are  subsequently  mounted onto the original
     file system are visible to the virtual file  system,  unless
     or  until  the corresponding mount point in the virtual file
     system is covered by a file system mounted there.

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