Is it possible to share a zfs dataset that has been added to a labeled zone?  
We are running Solaris 10 U4 w/ TX on x86. Currently, we have a zfs file system 
named zone/restricted. We have a labeled zone named “restricted” loaded to this 
zfs.  The global path is /zone/restricted. We have another zfs file system 
named zone/data that we want to add as a dataset to the “restricted” zone. The 
original global path of this zfs file system is /zone/data. The zone path for 
the zfs dataset after it has been added to the “restricted” zone is 
/zone/restricted/root/zone/data. We would like to share the data in the 
zone/data zfs with “restricted” labeled zones on other systems in my network. 
We have successfully shared a directory created in the “restricted” zone using 
/zone/restricted/etc/dfs/dfstab, but have been unable to share the zfs dataset 
/zone/data. We chose to use a zfs dataset instead of just creating a directory 
in the zone, because it is a large amount of data with new versions released 
regularly. With each release the zfs can be destroyed and restored from a 
snapshot containing the new data very quickly. There is an error during boot up 
of the zone stating the dataset is busy and cannot be mounted. This causes 
several services to fail and prevents opening a terminal or console window. Is 
it possible to share a dataset that has been added to a labeled zone? This is a 
major piece of our configuration and any help with this issue would be greatly 
appreciated. I know this might sound confusing, so I listed some paths and 
dfstab file below to help clarify. Thanks


[u]zfs file systems[/u]

[u]zone path after dataset added to zone[/u]

[u]contents of /zone/restricted/etc/dfs/dfstab[/u]
share -F nfs -o rw /zone/data
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