Phil Freund wrote:
> Let's try this again. Maybe someone won't hijack this thread this time.
> I just ran across an odd issue. I have a default network printer I setup for 
> all of my zones. I added that printer to the zone I use as a source for 
> cloning new zones with no problem and it prints fine. I can create new zones 
> from the source zone that has the printer defined in it with no problem.
> Now here's the oddity: As long as the original source zone is booted, I can 
> print to the printer that was in the original source zone. If the source zone 
> is shutdown, I cannot print to that printer and the print request hangs in 
> the queue. As a matter of fact, if I issue lpstat -o with the source zone up, 
> it returns immediately but if the source zone is down, the lpstat -o command 
> waits at least 30 seconds to respond. If I delete the printer from the new 
> zone and re-add it, it works normally without any dependency on the source 
> zone.
> Does anyone have any ideas about why this is happening? If this is expected 
> behavior, shouldn't it be documented somewhere with a warning?


I have forwarded your question to someone who works on the print
subsystem but who probably doesn't read zones-discuss.  If he
responds I'll pass it along.

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