Michael Webb - Sun Microsystems wrote:
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> please respond directly to me as I am not on the alias.
> I've built a number of zones for Sun Cluster deliveries so I know just
> enough to get by.
> I managed to zorch the /etc/zones~.xml files as well as the index
> entries of several zones and now I cannot fully uninstall or undelete
> them.
> No zoneadm or zonecfg commands will detach, uninstall or delete the
> configurations.
> What other recourse do I have to remove the zone's old configuration?
> Are there any links within SWAN that you all point me to.

Could you tell us how your system state got corrupted?
At this point, since your system state is corrupted, you would
have to manually try to clean things up.  The zone commands don't
have any built-in support for dealing with a corrupt system.
If these file got messed up because of manual editing maybe
you could look at a good system and try to manually edit the
data back into a valid configuration.  Otherwise you probably
need to delete everything and start over.

Good luck,
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