Hi John-Paul,

Haven't used exclusive IP Instance with 75 yet. but I wonder if 
there is any issue with these drivers converted to GLDv3, since 
that is the only way you could use IP Instances with them. Might 
want to ask on network-discuss.

I have access to a system with the same NICs, and will try this 
once I am finished with what I am corrently working on.


John-Paul Drawneek wrote:
> So has any one else seen this??
> Does any body actual use Zones on b75?
> I really need to get this sorted, and I am not sure whats up.
> If every body else is fine with ip exclusive zone on b75 my install could be 
> broke, which would be a first, so I would like to know before i rebuild the 
> box.
> Any body???
> sparc
> eri and qfe nics
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