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> Mike Gerdts wrote:
> > It seems as though printers.conf could point to localhost in the
> > "master" zone and the clones would then also point to their respective
> > selves.  Is there something broken with that approach?
> >
> Not that we don't see it, but we don't recommend configuring more than
> one system (or zone in your situation) as a print server for a network
> attached printer.  Doing so can cause starvation and doesn't provide you
> with an accurate view of the print queue because there are multiple
> queues feeding the device.  The bottom line there is that you can end up
> submitting a print job, appear to be printing or ready to print and sit
> there while other systems (or zones) are busy printing copies of the
> phone book.  Every time you check the queue, you are either "printing"
> or waiting for the device, but the activity on the device is invisible
> to your system or zone.  Now, if the printer in question isn't going to
> be particularly busy or is only really used by a small number of people,
> it's not a real problem.

In the general case, I agree with you.  This, however, is something
more of an "enterprise print architecture" argument rather than
addressing the zone configuration.

There are cases where a local print queues for the same physical
printer may be appropriate.  For example, if I have a node-locked
licensed application that prints in a format that is not understood by
the printer, the local print queue may act as a filter that translates
to PS or PCL then forwards to a traditional print server that feeds
print jobs to the real printer.  If the print server does not have a
license for the app (or is otherwise incapable of running the app), it
may not be able to use the application to do the file conversion.
Several years back I dealt with engineering apps that would generate
100's of pages of garbage if File->Print was used.  If the print queue
recognized the print job format and put it through the right filter
(that called the app in command line mode to do a conversion) it would
print a nice single page drawing.

Mike Gerdts
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