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> > 1) Set the swap limit on Apache to something much closer to 512MB.
> > Probably a good idea to set the swap limit for Helix closer the the
> > physical as well.
> >
> will give it a go

Please report back what you find.

> > 2) Install another 2 GB of RAM.
> >
> >
> not going to happen :(
> box can only take 2gb any way

Yeah, that is usually a bit more difficult.  :)  Sometimes people
fishing for independent recommendations that match up with what they
have been saying all along to get the required funding.

> > Paging to swap devices is evil.  Workloads that need more memory than
> > you have physical RAM for their working set will not give suitable
> > interactive performance (and even batch performance would be
> > miserable).
> >
> you ever used apache?  never seen an apache box with a small swap.

I've never seen an actively used box that had good performance when
its working set was being bounced in and out of swap space.  If a
process has memory leaks, the leaked memory can happily go to swap and
stay there with little impact, so long as you don't run into 32-bit
address space issues.  If you have multiple processes contending for a
couple hundred IOPs of swap device performance, those processes will

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