How the "update on attach" is planned to be deployed, patch update or next release of solaris10 U5 ?
Does this address the patch management of a migrated zone in "configuered" state and  abscent from the node intended to be patched ?

In other words, If the patch manager on local node and "update on attach" on target node work hand in hand, SAN would be the prefered zonepath
for  zones, so we may get away from the sprawl of zones and standbys we have to deploy to host applications on different nodes today.
We have been waiting for this important feature to architect an efficient simple to administer environment for hosting applications in zones.

Please advise.

Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Mike Gerdts wrote:
On Nov 8, 2007 6:40 AM, LaoTsao(Dr. Tsao) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 it seems these issues will be solved by a brandZ for s10, nv etc not?
Is that in the works?  I've seen an example of how to do it on your
own but I haven't heard of any supported variant. The key gotcha with
this approach seems to be the sanity check to be sure that the kernel
and SUNWzone* from the global zone remain compatible with the bits in
the non-global zone(s).

I would like to see this functionality, but as I was trying to
articulate why in a thread (I think regarding "update on attach") I
was having a hard time.  I really think that "update on attach" would
also solve the issue at hand, now that I think about it.

Yes, "update on attach", which is out for code review now, will address
this.  If by "brandZ for s10, nv" you mean running a solaris10 brand on
nv, there is nobody working on that that I know of.


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