Mads Toftum wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 06:48:12AM -0700, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>> Although downgrading the zone might work in some cases it
>> really unsupportable in the general case so we have no plans
>> to do it.
> Would it at least be possible to get a list of patches that should have
> been removed?

Yes, the code already does this when you run "zoneadm attach".

>> For the case you describe though, the easy thing
>> to do is just snap off a zone clone and update that.
> Ehrm, for some value of easy - cloning is probably not a problem if you
> happen to have things on zfs, but that's not for everyone (and not
> supported by Sun last time I checked)

Zone cloning works even without zfs.  It is faster and cheaper
with zfs but is still pretty good on UFS.

In general I would think you will always want a backup of the
zone when you "update on attach"; either by leaving the old zone
on the original system or by cloning.  That way you can fall back
if you see a problem on the updated zone.  This is a similar
philosophy to live-upgrade and just seems like the right way to
do it.

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