Looking in usr/src/uts/common/os/zone.c, there are is a number
of functions that have the words "Public interface" before them,
such as:

 * Public function to retrieve the zone status.  The zone status may
 * change after it is retrieved.
zone_status_get(zone_t *zone)

However doing a "man zone_status_get" returns nothing, so it
would appear that it isn't completely public.

In light of there being a relative lack of public functions in the
kernel to deal with zone names and id's, I'd like to propose
providing an implementation of getzoneidbyname() and
getzonenamebyid() for the kernel that mirrors the behaviour
of those found in libc today.

So to summarise, I'd like to provide getzoneidbyname(9f)
and getzonenamebyid(9f) that have the same interface as
getzoneidbyname(3c) and getzonenamebyid(3c).



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