Hi All,

I'd like to automate system identification for a zone when it is freshly 
installed. In most cases, I'd like to keep the same settings for domain 
name, name service, security policy, etc., as in the global zone.

I'm wondering if there are (C) library interfaces to determine which 
name service is used in the global zone, so that I can make the 
following entry in the zone's /etc/sysidcfg file:

name_service=<service>{<service specific parameters>}

So, I'd like do something like:

name_service = get_name_service()

if (name_service is NIS) {
     /* get domain name */
     /* get yp master */
} else if (name_service is NIS+) {
     /* get NIS+ details */
} else if (name_service is LDAP) {
     /* get LDAP details */
} else if (name_service is DNS) {
     /* get DNS details */
} ...

Also, is there a library interface to get what the security_policy 
setting is in the global zone? So I want to do something like:

security_policy = get_security_policy()

if (security_policy is kerberos) {
     /* get kerberos details */
} else if ...

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