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Tomas Heran wrote:
> Hi Zoram,
> you might want to take a look at Project Duckwater - Simplified name
> services management: http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/duckwater/.
> Now, Duckwater's command for creating and managing name services
> configuration - nscfg(1M) - doesn't know anything about zones, but I can
> add an RFE for us to be able to export a name service profile (the set
> of all name service configuration) into a file which you can later
> import somewhere else - e.g. you would configure name services in global
> zone, then exported this configuration (using nscfg) into a file and
> later imported this file (again, using nscfg) into your non-global
> zone(s).
> Would that work for you?

This sounds promising. My basic requirement is that I should be able to 
non-interactively install and boot a zone (why? because interactive 
install/boot is too tedious in a multi-node environment like Sun Cluster).

The user, if he wishes to, can explicitly enter the sysidcfg(4) 
parameters for the zone. But we expect that in most cases the only thing 
that would be different would be the root password (it would be unwise 
to have the same root password for global and non-global zones), and for 
the rest of the parameters use either

a. global zone settings (name service, nfsv4 domain, security policy, 


b. reasonable defaults (e.g., terminal)

Stable interfaces to query name service configuration of the global zone 
(or any zone for that matter) will be a great help.


> Regards,
> Tomas
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