Hello Tony,

In general for integrity reasons, I believe your are best off to 
make the change while the zone is offline.  In the Zone Manager, 
I capture the current zone run state, then gracefully shutdown the 
zone, apply the change and then return the zone to its former 
zone state.  e.g. running, installed or whatever the former state

If you wanted to use the Zone Manager to change the mount point
of a locally mounted filesystem, you would use the following

Lets say that you had created a zone with /data readonly mounted
from the global zone into the non-global zone z1 with the 
following invocation of the Zone Manager:

# zonemgr -a add -n z1 -z /zones -P pw -r /data

To change the mount point of /data within the zone z1 to /mydata,
you would issue the following Zone Manager command:

# zonemgr -F -a modify -n z1 -m "fs:/data|dir:/mydata"

The output of the command would look something like the following.

The "modify zone" action was forced on zone "z1" with the -F parameter.

Shutdown started.    Sat Nov 24 12:03:39 CST 2007

showmount: z5test: RPC: Program not registered
Changing to init state 5 - please wait
# zlogin z1 "df -k | grep data"
/mydata              153878985 50053716 102286480    33%    /mydata

Hope that is helpful to you.


On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 09:29 -0600, Jose, Tony wrote:
> Hi all
> I am working with a Solaris 10 servers, so I set up 2 zones.  The
> doubt that I have is
> How can I do for establishing mount point with out reboot the zone.  
> Up to now when I want to establish a mount point in the zone that I do
> something like is:
> 1.      In the domain,  I updates the xml file
> 2.      In the zone I perform the reboot command to the changes made
> in the file .xml to take effect on the zone.
> Is there a way to unmount and mount a file system with out rebooting
> the Zone, similar to regular OS.
> Regards
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> -tony
> 2007-11-23, 09:29:08
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