Mangan wrote:
> I installed the 10_recommended patchset on a machine that had a running zone. 
> The host machine and the running zone appear to be ok but when I try to 
> install an additional zone the new zone gets created but it won't go through 
> the sys config routine and you can't change the root password ( permission 
> denied) even though you can login via zlogin. I took an identical T2000 
> without the 10_reccommended patchset and I can create as many working zones 
> as I want. Could this be a part of 120011-14 patch problem?
> ---Paul Mangan
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could we get some info on the setup
ie os release ( cat /etc/release )
what patches got applied as part of this cluster install. ( just the 
newly applied ones )
what patches are applied in total ls -tr1 /var/sadm/patch + patchadd -p 
also cat /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER

Were there errors during zone install, have a look at
<zonepath>/root/var/sadm/system/logs and verify that no errors are present.

what exactly happens during the sysconfig part?

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