David Smith wrote:
> I'm getting an error on trying to create a second zone.
> -bash-3.00# zonecfg -z test123 -f test123-zone-cmd.txt 
> On line 7 of test123-zone-cmd.txt:
> An inherit-pkg-dir resource with the dir '/lib' already exists.
> resource specification incomplete
> Zone test123 failed to verify
> test123: Insufficient specification
> Configuration not saved.
> Here is the start of the command file:
> create
> set zonepath=/zones/test123
> set autoboot=true
> set pool=test
> add inherit-pkg-dir
> set dir=/lib
> end
> add inherit-pkg-dir
> set dir=/platform
> add inherit-pkg-dir
> set dir=/sbin
> end
> add inherit-pkg-dir
> set dir=/usr
> end
> I think this is probably a simple error.  Does anyone know what I'm doing 
> incorrectly?

When you just 'create' the zone it uses the default template which already
has the standard inherit-pkg-dirs defined.  If you want to define them
yourself then you should use the 'blank' template.  You can do that by
changing 'create' to 'create -b'.  You can read more about the create
sub-command options in the zonecfg(1M) manpage.

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