Out of curiosity would this work when moving zones between different
platforms? Example move/copy zone from a sun4u system to a sun4v

On 12/1/07, Ihsan Zaghmouth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hi Paul,
> Clone them localy
> Detach the Cloned Zones (zoneadm -z zonename detach)
> Tar or pax them over starting from the zonepath and remote copy the tarballs
> or simply export/import SAN DG hosting the zones.
> Prepare them for attachment, zonecfg -z zonename and at prompt  > create -a
> target-zonepath
> Attach the Untared Zones on Target  (zoneadm -z zonename attach)
> Boot them. Make sure when you do all of the above that Source and Target
> servers are upto the same patch levels and all other resources
>  (Network, SAN FS(s)) same as on source, otherwise you would be looking for
> troubles for reconciliations
>  Ihsan

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