This has been very well discussed @;jsessionid=12639754315F020770B3FDF6F98BDB3B?messageID=173929&#173929

On the other hand, some patches are sun4v only and are not addressed to support sun4u.
More, Package differencies might put you into unseen problems and behaviors. In other words, not fully supported yet !

Nevertheless, there is an RFE in the works and its being incorporated in nv. This is an extremely important milestone.
6576592 RFE: zoneadm detach/attach should work between sun4u and sun4v architecture

So far what I have heard is that OS Engineers are currently working on getting this done for nevada.
Once it is integrated there then a call will be made to see what S10 update should it be part of.
No guarantees it would be S10u5 since the code isn't even integrated into nevada yet.


Sengor . wrote:

Out of curiosity would this work when moving zones between different
platforms? Example move/copy zone from a sun4u system to a sun4v

On 12/1/07, Ihsan Zaghmouth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 Hi Paul,

Clone them localy
Detach the Cloned Zones (zoneadm -z zonename detach)
Tar or pax them over starting from the zonepath and remote copy the tarballs
or simply export/import SAN DG hosting the zones.

Prepare them for attachment, zonecfg -z zonename and at prompt  > create -a
Attach the Untared Zones on Target  (zoneadm -z zonename attach)
Boot them. Make sure when you do all of the above that Source and Target
servers are upto the same patch levels and all other resources
 (Network, SAN FS(s)) same as on source, otherwise you would be looking for
troubles for reconciliations



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