Hi Paul,

EndaO'Connor wrote:
> Mangan wrote:
>> I just jumpstarted a T2000 twice. Once with 118833-33 and once with 
>> 120011-14.
>> The first time there was no problems with the November 2006 118833-33 
>> but when I re-jumpstarted it with the 120011-14 8-07 release I ended 
>> up with multiple messages stating "cannot negotiate hypervisor". I 
>> checked the internet for some message like that and found BUG 6459302 
>> which stated "State  11-Closed:Not Reproducible (Closed) "
>> Hate to say this but I just reproduced it.
>> Does anyone know of a workaround or a fix for it?
>> Paul Mangan

> Hi
> I suspect that's it because 120011-14 ships bits that are hypervisor 
> aware, by that I mean Ldoms if you upgraded the firmware to latest bits, 
> it would go away, it's harmless I suspect.
> Could we  get the full message just to be sure

You are running into 6539243 ldc prints warning messages on console when running
newer Solaris with older SysFw (6.3.x) - Fixed in snv_67 and s10u5_04

The message indicates that the ldc driver (part of LDoms support) cannot get
services that it needs from the firmware because the firmware is an older
revision that what LDoms requires (the 6.4 Firmware release or greater). This
message is harmless if you do not plan to run LDoms - if you do want to run
LDoms you have to upgrade your firmware.

The reason you are seeing the messing with 120011-14 is because that KU contains
the LDoms drivers, whereas with 118833-33, there were delivered in a separate 
patch (124921-02)

-- Liam
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