Stefano Pini wrote:
> Hi Enda and guys,
> do you know if there are best practices to upgrade solaris release 
> (for example U1 to U4) with sparse and full zones installed?
> Is it supported or it's possible only with full zones?
> Yesterday I'd tried with sparse zones but the installer failed because 
> there are read only fs during zone upgrade (obviously are inherited...)
> Thx a lot,
> Stefano
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it should work, ( but only if upgrading to 8/07 ( u4 ) as this is where 
zone upgrade via LU has been introduced.
to use live upgrade unfortunately there are a lot of patches that are 
required to be installed

especially the s10 section particular for systems that have non-global 

Also please install latest patch utils patch ( 119254/119255 sparc/x86 ) 
This list contains the 8/07 ( update 4 ) kernel patch 120011/120012.

Make sure to run patchadd -a <patchid> first, -a does a dryrun ( noes 
not install any software ), and in the case of zones will catch certain 
types of errors that must be fixed prior to actually installing the patch.

This list contains among others the 11/06 KU 118833-36 as well, so 
installing this list of patches is unfortunately time consuming in the 
case of a system with zones.
Also if installing in Single USer Mode make sure that filesystem/local 
has been enabled,
If not run" /sbin/mountall -l", to ensure that the zonepath's are all 
mounted, I usually drop from Multu User Mode to Single USer Mode as 
opposed to boot to Single User Mode, just to avoid this one.

If you have already followed the doc, then pleasae let us know the error 
that you encountered

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