Sounds like they want to access the local zone's console directly from a terminal server? I don't believe there is a concept of that in the zones model (of course, the local zone's console is normally started with "zlogin -C zonename" from the global zone).


Christine Tran wrote:
Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Christine Tran wrote:
A customer is unable to share something called the "terminal server 
ports" to non-global zone.  I don't know what these are, but here's 
the description:

"Serial sensor interfaces are fed to a patch panel and then received 
by a digital terminal server.  Terminal server sends output to a 
switch, to which the host is connected.  Terminal server port driver 
installs in global zone, creates /dev/dty/tt1, /dev/tty/tt2 ..."

He tried adding the device by "set match = /dev/dty/*" but the device 
does not appear in the non-global zone.

Any thoughts?
Is it /dev/dty or /dev/tty?  The example shows both.  What version are
they running?  There is a known bug with wildcard matching in u4:

6632938 zonecfg fnmatch device matching interface seems to be broken


Sorry, that's /dev/dty/* not /dev/tty/*, my typo.

And thanks for the bug, this may be it.

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