Thanks Richard.

Richard Elling wrote:
> Morris Hooten wrote:
>> I looked through the solarsinternals zfs best practices and not
>> completly sure
>> of the best scenario.
> ok, perhaps we should add some clarifications...
>> I have a Solaris 10 6/06 Generic_125100-10 box with attached 3510 array
>> and would like to use zfs on it. Should I create multiple logical disks
>> thru the raid
>> controller then create zfs raid file systems across the LD's?
> That method will work ok.  Many people do this with various RAID
> arrays.  We can't answer the question "is it the best way?" because we
> would need more detailed information on what you are trying to
> accomplish and how you want to make design trade-offs.  So for now,
> I would say it works just like you would expect.
>> Can I also migrate zones that are on a ufs file system now into a newly
>> created zfs file system
>> although knowing the limitations with zones and zfs in 06/06?
> Zone limitations with ZFS should be well documented in the admin
> guides.  Currently, the install and patch process is not ZFS aware, which
> might cause you some difficulty with upgrading or patching.  There are
> alternative methods to solve this problem, but you should be aware of the
> current limitation.
>> Recommendations?
> Use Solaris 10 9/07.  It has more than a year's worth of improvements
> and enhancements to Solaris.
> -- richard

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